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General Dwight D. Eisenhower Close-up

General Dwight D. Eisenhower

     Marx Stock Number(s): None,      Production Years: 196x

    Same body as Buddy Charlie with a detailed painted head (usually turns greenish)

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Series 1 [Original] (),

General Eisenhower Multiple - Soft
This Set has 9 accessories.

Hat, Service, Generals

Jacket, Ike, Green with Insignia

Pants, Khaki

Shirt, Khaki

Shoes, Low Quarters Brown (2 in set)

Socks, Khaki (2 in set)

Tie, Brown

General Eisenhower - Metal Gold - Hard
This Set has 6 accessories.

5 Star Generals Rank (2 in set)

Army Eagle insignia (2 in set)

U.S. Collar Insignia (2 in set)

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