Store Displays

Johnny West Adventure (Small) Store Display

Manufactured in 1975 as part of the Johnny West Adventure series this display shows 4 figures and 2 horses.

A couple of interesting details about this display. The Jane West has blue painted rivet / clevis pin heads. Johnny - in quickdraw blue, is actually not a Quickdraw figure. It is a regular Johnny mold cast in the light blue plastic with white painted rivet / clevis pin heads.

It measures xx inches wide, xx inches tall and x inches deep. It is constructed of wood and printed cardboard.

Current value estimates run between $400-$600

To read about how I got mine, see the Display Saga

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The Display...

Here you see a slightly different version -
Can you spot the difference?.... Look at
Johnny - in the picture at the top of the
page he has brown chaps and hat - in this one,
his soft accessories are all cream. This was
not how the actual accessories were issued -
It was intended to have 1/2 brown and 1/2 cream
colored accessories.

Figures were screwed onto the board or horse and heavy staples were used to secure the accessories. Often you will see some damage to these figures.

Sam looking Dapper - Too bad he's not the Quickdraw version.

How the displays were shipped.
No internal supports, so over the years
some damage can be seen.

Handy instructions on how to get the display out of the mailer box.

Standard 'Not for Sale' label on back