Store Displays

Purple Best of the West Store Display

Manufactured in 1967 this display shows 4 figures, 2 horses, 2 dogs and a Buffalo with all accessories mounted on accessory cards behind the figures.

It measures xx inches wide, xx inches tall and x inches deep. It is constructed of wood and printed cardboard.

Current value estimates run between $1000-$1500

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The Display...

Oblique View

Kid Accessory Close up

See the Buffalo's head peaking out
from behind the Jamie accessory card?

The dogs were just 'wired' to the horses'
legs. May have been an 'after issue'
modification to prevent the dogs
from 'walking off'.

Jamie and Josie

Jane's accessory card
These last two pictures are from another display. You can see that they have been 'ripped' off the background. So, perhaps, another one of these super rare displays are still in existance.

Most images used by permission from
Dave J. and Dave R.

Kid's accessory card