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TV Best of the West (Large) Store Display

Likely Manufactured in 1967/68 this display shows 8 figures and 4 horses. It has at least two versions (different order of figures).

It measures xx inches wide, xx inches tall and x inches deep. It is constructed of wood and printed cardboard.

Current value estimates run between $600-$1000

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The Display...

Version 1 - Title says Jay West
but actually Jamie came on the display

Version 1 - Geronimo was never
packaged with the Black Thunderbolt.

Version 1 - Maddox and Custer titles

Version 1 - Full Set

Version 2 - Missing Header Banner

Version 2 - As Seen On TV wording

Version 2 - Jay and Pancho titles

Version 2 - Sam Cobra title

Version 2 - Sam, Johnny, Thunderbolt, Janice figures

Version 2 - Johnny and Thunderbolt titles

Version 2 - Janice and Jane titles

Version 2 - Custer and Buckskin Titles

Version 2 - Maddox, Geronimo
and Smoke Cloud titles
Geronimo has white painted
rivet / clevis pin heads.

Version 2 - Full set

Version 2 - Back label