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Stewart's Attic specializes in buying and selling toys loved by the baby-boomer generation. If you have any questions or comments please let me know at

About Stewart's Attic

Stewart's Attic has been in business since 1997. Starting off as an eBay only business, we quickly realized that we could provide superior customer service and value if we ran our own store. Since then, we've sold thousands of Marx, GI Joe, Captain Action and other Baby-Boomer toys to hundreds of satisfied customers. If you have any questions or comments please let me know at

Grading Toys

Grading toys made from 40-50 years ago is a mixture of Art and Science.


One person's C8 is another persons' C6. So, with that in mind, here is how I grade figure condition.
The 'C', or Condition, scale is a 1 to 10 scale with 10 being perfect. Perfect in this case does not necessarily mean 'perfect', it means in the same condition as the factory produced it. It may have mold marks, it may have color variations in the plastic, it may even have a blemish. In order for me to grade a piece as C10 it has be truely how I think it would have been straight off the factory floor.

Figures are complex and made up of different materials that may age differently. As you look through the charts remember that most of the aspects (heads, body, joints, springs, etc.) have to be within the range for the whole figure to be graded in that C category. For example. A C9 figure with a broken joint would be graded as C6 or C5. A C8 figure with a terrible head may be downgraded to a C5 or C6.

Since different aspects of an figure affect it's condition, I'll try to give examples.

A Note on Shipping

Shipping charges will vary depending on your location and the shipping weight of the items you ordered.

Shipping charges include packaging materials and post office postage.
Although we do not charge a 'Handling Fee', we do estimate the postage cost based on weight or use a 'flat' rate for certain order types. Our estimates are usually very accurate, but sometimes the actual postage may be slightly more or less then what you are quoted. From our business viewpoint, these overages or shortages even out over time.

Insurance is your responsibility. Insurance claims are made through the Post Office and international orders are not insurable. We normally do not recommend postal insurance unless the item is rare or expensive. If your item is received damaged I will either exchange it (if I have like items) or refund your money, minus any additional shipping charges.
For example, Let's say you ordered an action figure, mint on card, and you received it damaged. I would refund your complete purchase price (including the shipping charges on the original order) as soon as you sent it back to me, but you would pay the postage to send the damaged figure back to me.
If I had another like figure, as soon as I received the damaged one from you, I would send you the replacement. No refunds would be made and we would each pay the respective postage.

Covid-19 Update: During the pandemic, shipping times may increase. I ship the next business day after payment is received, it is then 'out of my hands'. I have noticed that international shipping times can be very long, sometimes 3 or 4 weeks. Please check the tracking number I provide on every package.

If you have any questions please ask before you place your order.