OpOrd 'Blitzschlag'

The Battle

Alas, as with all plans, ours did not survive the first round of the battle. Yes the pioneers showed up on the 2nd of June, but they did not have the critical bridge construction equipment with them. It so happens that the gruppe fuhrer was injured and did not get the requisitions in on time. We quickly erected a make shift bridge but it would not support armor over 20 t.

Pioneers at work 2 June, 2313hrs Crossing Begins "Ganz Klar" Bridgehead! 3 June

Whether the pioneers made too much noise or we were discovered by enemy patrols, the element of surprise was lost. The forces defending the town were ready and waiting for us!

"Here they come, boys!" Prepared positions Steady... steady... Defense in depth

Sensing our weakness, we deployed to the left and right.

Echelon Right! Echelon Left! Long day already "Schnell! Schnell!"

ATTACK! True to German precision our attack starts exactly on time! The armor thrust can be heard pouring over the hill to our left and the town is turned into a hornets nest!

Forward! Tanks! Tanks! US Forward Observers - spotting round But we have artillery too!

The armor is advancing, the infantry from both sides are moving forward and our regiment comes under fire.

Our artillery pours it on while the Waffen SS move forward! The wehrmacht troopers start to take causalties US Troops moving forward Their MG's open up!

The US forces are moving forward to stem our infantry and the fighting builds!

A lone US motorcycle screams back to US lines while US forces occupy the vineyards northwest of the town Our armor starts to receive effective fire and must deploy US tanks moving northwest, while their infantry moves to block us A US tank lies in ambush

Northeast of the town stood the village church, a 500 year old structure that stood up well against panzer fire. Artillery and light armor bear down on us and more US tanks enter the battle

A US infantry squad huddles close to the church Arial artillery bursts scatter our horses Their light armor is withering against our deployed infantry More US Tanks deploying

The defense of Purcellville is more than we were lead to believe! US and British forces are heavy and their armor seems to appear out of nowhere.

We have awakened the sleeping giant More infantry British forces too And more!

As the minutes tick past the allied defense grows. More infantry and armor pour out of the town into the prepared defensive positions

Infantry rushing toward us More tanks in hull defilade More infantry fighting vehicles move forward The church defense gets tenatious

Our efforts redouble as we hit the town with all we have. Artillery, armor and rockets!

The tanks pour it on while the allied forces take cover The smoke clears and US tanks take aim The US tank is quickly dispatched as the supporting infantry look on Our armor streams forward under heavy counter-fire

We are advancing now as the allied defense waivers. Buildings are burning, the smoke and noise of combat rise like dark angels.

A barn takes a direct hit scattering the US artillery unit A heavy toll in being taken on both sides Our armor looks unstoppable! Infantry FORWARD!

But wait! Like the pheonix, the allied defense is rising out of the ashes! They mass their fire on our infantry and rush the bridehead

US artillery rakes our infantry in the open Yelling, 'Follow Me!' , the US infantry charges! We gallantly fight back But, it's too little, too late.

The defense is too strong. As the weather clears we can hear the US aircraft approaching. Time to withdraw to live and fight another day... perhaps tomorrow!

Aircraft! Break formation and head for the woods! I can still here the gallant defenders yelling 'Hurrah!' when our panzers broke After the battle the defenders rest and so do we.

Now's the time to pay the butcher's bill! Men and horses lay strewn across the battlefield. Ambulances bravely ferry the wounded back across the bridge. We didn't take the town but we do have a secure bridgehead and our armor holds the high ground northwest of the village. I read reports of allied reinforcements and cover my ears from the US bombing raids, but if the weather breaks or our luftwaffe can get here.... perhaps...

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