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You've been riding your faithful steed all day. You're tired and the dust of the trail lies heavily on everything you own. In the distance you spot your destination... Fort Apache.

You lead Thunderbolt into a secluded side street and dismount to the sound of creaking leather and jangling spurs. Hitching him up to a well worn railing you look to your left and catch a glimpse of Main Street.

As you turn the corner, your gloved hand comes to rest on a post and you gaze along the boardwalk lined street to see what delights Fort Apache has to offer you this time...

Welcome to my hobby!

This all started for me on March 6th, 1965. It was my 7th birthday and dad decided to take me to a local store in Canon City, Colorado to buy my birthday present.

Now keep in mind that dad was recently medically retired from the Army at Fort Carson, CO. We were just scraping by because of the usual government snafu's that happen from time to time. But, dad thought it important that we celebrate this great day - so off to the toy store (I think it was Woolworth's) we went.

I can still remember the ride into town from the Army base. I was thrilled! We pulled into the parking space and I jumped out, impatiently waiting for dad. He came up and took my hand and said that I could have one present as long as it wasn't too expensive. (in my mind, I think that meant about a $5.00 limit - funny how times have changed!)

We walked into the store and I can remember going to the toy aisle under the bright lights and seeing a display for the Daniel Boone figure! I was hooked! I browsed the shelves a little but I remember that I kept glancing at the display at the end of the aisle.

Dad obviously saw my interest and walked over to the boxes to check them out. He lifted one of the boxes and looked at it (probably checking the price too ;-) ). He looked down at me and smiled and said, "Do you want this?". I about lost it! Yes, oh yes, please! And, as they say, 'The rest is history'!

Over the next few years I probably got 7 or 8 more figures for Christmas and birthdays. My last present was in '68 or '69 when I got the Gold and Silver Fighting Knight sets for Christmas.

I played with these guys for hours on end! I remember setting up sides with these figures and some GI Joes my brother and I had in the living room. Then I'd have gunfights and Indian attacks and Cavalry rescues and tons of fun! There probably wasn't a day in those years that I did not enjoy the company of these great toys.

Unfortunately, I grew older and figured that dolls weren't a teen-age thing to play with. Sad to say that my collection was lost to time and misadventures of adolescence. I still have a few accessories that somehow survived the next 40 years and those are what really started my current collection. I found my original Daniel Boone flintlock rifle and thought, I wonder if I could ever find this toy again??

That was shortly before ebay started. I was on some internet newsgroups that held auctions within the group and had started to get the bug buying some vintage GI Joes. When eBay hit the streets I was one of the first to sign up and have been somewhat of an addict ever since! My first Marx purchase was a loose Daniel Boone and once again the magic that is Marx snared me!

Having just retired from the active duty Army, I was attending graduate school and honing my skills as a web page developer. I had created a personal site about GI Joes and decided to try my hand at creating a site about my childhood collection. There wasn't much out there. Tom heaton had his site at the Vintage Toy Room and another site called the Big Red Toy box was selling some JW stuff. But not much about these figures. I wanted my site to be a resource for other collectors rediscovering these great toys. So my quest started and it has led me to what you see today.

When the MarxMint 2000 line of figures were introduced I became a retailer for Marx and sold those figures as well as vintage items from my site. Now, with the birth of the new Marx Toys Co., Inc. I'm proud to offer their fantastic items as well. The purpose of me selling anything on my business site (www.stewartsattic.com) is to support my hobby. My main goal in maintaining and hopefully, improving, this information site is to share information. If you see any errors or gaps in my information please let me know. If you have an interesting story to share, I'd be happy to hear it! I'm always looking for new ideas for sections on the site so please share those as well.

Thanks for looking and enjoy the rest of the site!

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