Box Oddities

This section of the site is definately a Work in Progress.

It is designed to highlight the 'errors', omissions, or other oddities in the box art versus the actual item as produced. Think of this as a game of "What's wrong with this picture?".

If you find other Box Oddities, please let me know- this is a real community effort!

General Info

We all know that getting a toy to the store shelves is a long and complicated process. Back in the 60's and 70's even more so. Prototypes of the toys were often used for the box pictures and so as the toy went through the various steps of actual production, some things had to be changed. But, the box art usually kept going its own merry way, only to meet up again in the last stages of packaging.

As I find more 'Oddities', or you let me know, I'll post them here.

The Box Oddities