Box Oddities

JWA Non-QD Johnny West

I love the art work on the JWA series of boxes! The JWA Non-QD (Quickdraw) Johnny West
version of the box has a lot of oddities.

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The Oddities

Accessory Colors

  • The artists' drawing on the front shows Johnny wearing a Blue vest
  • The side panel shows a blue vest and canteen
  • This color was never produced, they used the standard JW brown
  • Of course, they did give themselves 'plausible denial' by putting this disclaimer on the box front....

FE Accessory Colors

  • The picture on the back of the box shows Fighting Eagle with the common brown accessories
  • We all know that in the JWA line he came with Lime Green soft accessories

Geronimo Painted Shield

  • The picture on the back of the box shows Yellow painted highlights on Geronimo's shield
  • I know that the plan was to have the shields for Geronimo and Fighting Eagle painted.
  • I actually have one of each (Geronimo Yellow, FE Green).
  • Although a great idea, it likely became a production hurdle to actually do the painting - Too much time involved.

Wrong Johnny West

  • The picture on the back of the box shows a light blue Johnny West
  • Although the text says "Quick Draw Johnny West" this is not what's pictured
  • If you look closely, you can see how Johnny's left shoulder is tilted with the elbow out and the shoulder inset into the torso shoulder hole. We can do this with all the normal figures, but not the Quick Draw versions!
  • The quick draw shoulders are made differently and if you tried to pull the elbow outward, you would break it.
  • So... What is this Blue Johnny??? It is the same regular mold Johnny done in blue plastic that Marx used on the JWA store displays! - Oddly, those had white rivets and this one has dark rivets....