Always Buying

Like any collector - "I WANT IT ALL!". but I'm willing to settle for 99%.... Naw! I still want it all.

I need a few special pieces for my personal collection. Please contact me if you have any rare or unusual pieces that you want to sell.

The majority of what I buy is for re-sale. This is a service I provide for the JW collectors out there. Too often we buy something on ebay and when it arrives and we frantically open up the package... what we get is not exactly what we wanted. Either through unclear or wrong auction ad descriptions, we end up with broken, damaged or the unexpected piece.

I buy collections large and small to 'stock' my store shelves. I clean and accurately grade each piece before I post it in my catalog. That way, the collector knows what they are getting before making the purchase. My prices are based on true market research, not 'Price guide books'. I use eBay as my starting point. I've cataloged thousands of auctions since 1997 to determine the 'true' value of each piece. Then, using my grading system, I charge a percentage of the true value. For example. If a Johnny West in mint in box condition has an average ebay value of $100.00 then I will charge $90.00 for it. If mine is less then minty, then I'll charge even less depending on the condition of the figure, box and accessories.

I also go through the trouble of buying, cleaning, grading and selling individual accessories. This is often too time consuming for the average ebay seller.

The bottom line is that I do this to support my hobby and to pass along the best prices I can to the other collectors. This little internet business of mine definately does not pay the mortgage!! ;-)

So, why do you care? As a prospective seller I want you to know that the price I'm willing to pay for your pieces is based on what I'm going to do with them. If I need them for my collection, I'll pay top dollar! If I'm going to re-sale your pieces then I have to take into consideration all the work I'm going to do to get them ready and the actual price I'm going to charge for them. So if you've looked at my price guides and think that you want to sell your collection for that price, then your best bet is to list them on ebay. However, if you don't want to go through the trouble and expense of selling them on ebay, then we may be able to deal.

In order for me to buy your collection, you need to be pretty detailed in your description of the figures, horses, vehicles and accessories. My offer will be based on the information you give me, the more details as to condition, color and defects will significantly affect the price. If you have a set price in mind, please let me know that too. If you want me to make an offer, I'll be happy to do that as well.

Yes! I want to SELL !!!

Thanks for looking and enjoy the rest of the site!