Contacting Us

Not too hard really

We don't have a brick and mortar store. Our business is a home-based affair and everything we do is out of our basement and book shelves.

So the best way to contact us is via email. My address is scott@stewartsattic.com. I read my email all the time so if you send me a message, you can expect to hear from me that day or at the latest the next day.

If you are ever in the Washington DC area and want to stop by my house to see my collection or browse what I have for sale, you are welcome. Just send me an email and we'll work out the details. All I ask is that you don't show up on my doorstep unannounced. I don't want to give my address or phone number out on this site, yes, I know that if you really want to find it, you could probably locate that information on the internet but why make it easy? ;-)

Thanks for looking and enjoy the rest of the site!

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