Figure Price Guide


Jed Gibson

I've recorded the sale of 101 Jed Gibson figures since 1999.
They belong to 4 different series.
Click on the word Chart, in each cell, to see a year by year graph of all prices paid for that specific figure type.

** indicates that the item is included with another item because it is indistinquishable from it or that no sales of this unique item have been recorded since 1999.

Series Loose W/ Accessories Mint In Box
Jed Gibson - Series 1 ()
An 11 inch Fully Jointed Figure JWA Box, Blue Body (Accessories: Hard-Gold - Pale, Soft-Brown, Soft-Cream, )

Last Updated: 01-Jul-11
$50.00 - $168.62 - $300.00
Chart      15

Last Updated: 23-Nov-17
$46.00 - $175.76 - $735.00
Chart      51
Last Updated: 23-Apr-12
($648,304.00) - $480.50 - $760.00
Chart      13
Jed Gibson - Series 1 ()
Pit Pionero BOTW Box, Blue - Aqua Body (Accessories: Hard-Gold - Pale, Soft-Brown, Soft-Cream, )

Last Updated: 01-Nov-20
$46.00 - $96.80 - $273.00
Chart      17

Last Updated: 27-Mar-16
$68.00 - $235.75 - $405.00
Chart      4
Last Updated: 01-Jan-09
$453.00 - $453.00 - $453.00
Chart      1

The price ranges are shown as $$.$$ - $$.$$ - $$.$$. The first dollar amount in Red is representative of the lowest price and the third dollar amount, in Green, is indicative of the highest price paid for these items. The Blue dollar amount is the average of all prices paid. If more than 10 items have been sold, I 'throw out' the top and bottom 10% to account for the odd spikes that would skew the average. I feel this gives the best 'true' value by eliminating the odd circumstances. The small maroon number in the lower right of the cell is the number of figures of that condition in the database. The true value of a particular item is wholly dependent upon its condition. The high price indicated above represents a top of the line figure in that category. For example, in the With Accessories category, an item would have to have all the accessories (including paperwork) in near mint condition with a near mint body to realize the high price range dollar amount.


  • Loose - represents complete, unbroken figure without accessories or box.
  • W/ Accessories - represents a complete, unbroken figure with some or all accessories. (Low dollar amount would typically represent a complete figure with 1-3 accessories, high dollar amount typically represents a complete figure with all accessories in near mint condition)
  • Mint In Box - represents a near mint figure in a box, with some or all accessories. Price range typically represents the condition and/or rarity of the box and quality/quantity of accessories.