Grading Figures

How to Grade Your Figure

Grading Figures accurately and fairly is an art not a science. One person's C8 is another persons' C6. So, with that in mind, here is how I grade figure condition.

The 'C', or Condition, scale is a 1 to 10 scale with 10 being perfect. Perfect in this case does not necessarily mean 'perfect', it means in the same condition as the factory produced it. It may have mold marks, it may have color variations in the plastic, it may even have a blemish. In order for me to grade a piece as C10 it has be truely without any defects and still 'shiny' new.

Figures are complex and made up of different materials that may age differently. As you look through the charts remember that most of the aspects (heads, body, joints, springs, etc.) have to be within the range for the whole figure to be graded in that C category. For example. A C9 figure with a broken joint would be graded as C6 or C5. A C8 figure with a terrible head may be downgraded to a C5 or C6.

Since different aspects of an figure affect it's condition, I'll try to give examples.

    Grade C9

    Grade C8

    Grade C7

    Grade C6

    Grade C5

    Grade C4 - C1