Figure Identification Guide

Welcome. I'm often asked "I have this figure - who is it?" or I see on eBay where someone has misidentified a Marx figure. So I decided to create this little application that will step you through a series of questions about your figure and, in the end, identify it for you.

The main problem in correctly identifying a figure is the fact that the head, arms and usually legs are interchangeable. I've seen lots of 'unusual' combinations that are touted as 'original' but, in fact, are just examples of swapping parts.

I learn something new about these figures all the time. And building this tool was no exception. In trying to figure out the unique characteristics of each figure I discovered that my collection has some 'swapped' figures that I need to restore.

So, even if you are a Johnny West expert you may learn something by playing around with the tool. If you discover an error in my results please let me know!