Chief Cherokee - 'Chief Cherokee L'Indien Mobile'

Stock No. Unknown

Canadian Chief was issued in two or three different boxes:

  • US Movable Indian version with french inscription - Carmel Body
  • BOTW Bilingual - Carmel Body
  • In New Mod Colours ?? - Light Green Body

These figures and accessories were the same as thier US counterparts.

Chief Cherokee 1st Issue Chief Cherokee 1st Issue Chief Cherokee 1st Issue box end
The first issue Canadian Chief Cherokee came with the standard US 1st issue box graphics. No french language was added. The box is the standard Canadian one piece design without the insert tab in the back. This means that the boxes were printed in Canada and not imported from the US.

The end of the box states this:

Of particular note is the Canadian Chief himself. He is made from a darker caramel color - see the picture to the left showing a Canadian Chief on the left and the standard US Chief on the right. Also, the Canadian Chiefs and carmel Johnnys do not suffer from the brittle plastic problem of the US versions. A sure sign of the brittle problem can be detected by the infamous 'crayon' smell. The Canadian plastic does not give off this odor.

I'll go out on an analytical limb here... I believe that the Scarborough plant produced a "in new mod colours" Chief. I've seen several of these figures on eBay and just recently purchased one. The body mold and color are the same as the "in new mod colours" Geronimo. But, I've seen enough auctions from "original owners" that I think there was also a Chief issued. It would have been fairly easy for them to produce the figure, just give the green Geronimo a Chief head and make a box...

Since I've never seen a "in new mod colours" box for Chief, it is probable that he was issued in a standard "movable indian" box. If they did change the box it most likely only had a "mod colours" stamp on the cover (like the kids) but again, no box like this has been seen 'yet'.

The other possibility is that this 'Chief' was actually issued in the Geronimo Mod Colours box as a factory substitution. Ran low of the Geronimo head, so stick in a Chief head instead... Not as mysterious as the undiscovered Mod Chief legend, but much more likely.
Chief Cherokee Mod Colours