Sheriff Thomas Goode

Stock No.

I still have a hard time with the sequence of these boxed figures. Some evidence (like the lack of stilleto hole in the BOTW versions leads one to believe that the BOTW came after the Blue, but the Blue box Marx Logo is just like the US JWA logo, so does that mean it came out after the BOTW version?)

Bruno believes the order is the Blue Box and then the BOTW - Since he's much more knowledgeable on these Canadian figures, I'll bow to his expertise!


Blue Box

1st Issue: Prior to 1974
Stock No: None

The first version Thomas Goode appeared before 1974 with the blue box. It has the new Marx logo in the back (same as the JWA figures) . Blue Box figures have the hole in the left arm for the stilleto and came with the full set of 'Cobra' hard accessories in silver.

Best of the West

2nd Issue: 1974

The second version appeared in 1974 with the yellow BOTW box. The figure usually has the one part harder pull spring in the shoulders. It has the regular Marx Logo in the back and no hole under the left hand for the stiletto.

It came with black 'Cobra' accessories.

The BOTW box does not carry a stock number.

Thomas Goode BOTW Issue

Sheriff Goode was issued in white only. With a blond Johnny head he really cuts a clean cut good guy pose.

Why did Scarbourh stop making the hole in his arm for the stiletto?