Jamie West - 'Cowboy articulee'

Stock No. 1062-A

Canadian Jamie was issued in four different boxes:

  • French Inscription Johnny West Series - Dark Caramel Body, 1968-1969
  • Mod Colours stamp Johnny West Series- Black Body, 1969-1973
  • Bilingual (Blue Square) Johnny West Series- Black Body, 1973 on
  • Department Store Mailer - All Years

1st Canadian issue

"De La Serie Johnny West" French Inscription

Canadian Jamie was first issued in a French Inscription box.

"Instructions en français à l'intèrieur" is printed on the box face.

He had a caramel (darker than US color) body with a darker brown accessory set.

2nd Canadian issue

"Mod Colour" Stamp

Canadian Jamie was next issued in the Mod Colour Stamp box.

"Instructions en français à l'intèrieur" may be printed on the box face.

It seems that the kids were the first figures to be produced in mod colors in Canada. Bruno has seen many many black boys without rivets in shoulders indicating that they were made before 1970 and were still in production a couple years after that.

The Mod Colour black Jamie was sold with a coral colored accessory set.

These boxes are considered very rare.

3rd Canadian issue

"La Serie Johnny West"

Canadian Jamie was then issued in a Blue Square Bilingual box. Look closely at the picture on the right showing the French language side of this bilingual box. You can see where they overprinted a blue rectangle on the standard US design and printed the text in French. Also the feet are now covered up with an overprint blue banner.

He had a black body with a coral accessory set.

Here are pictures from Jill's collection showing the French and English faces/sides of the same box.

4th Canadian issue

Brown Mailer Box

These shipping boxes were used throughout Jamie's life in Canada.

JWA figures were not produced in Canada. They were imported from the US and bilingual instructions manuals were added. Then they would simply apply a sticker on the box saying that french instructions were included.


Canadian Jamie came with the same accessories as his US counterpart. However, Canada made more color variations! Here's a list of possible colors:
  • Darker Brown
  • Coral