Stony - Le Parachutiste En Commando [The Sky Commando]

Stock No. 2054

Canadian Stony is still a mystery. He is different than the US version but I have yet to see an actual box. We can be sure that he was at least distributed in the Sky Commando large set, but it is unclear whether that was the standard US box or a new printing


1st Canadian issue

"Le Parachutiste En Commando"

He had a forest green (darker than US color) body with a darker green accessory set. His hair was also a little darker shade of red and he used the 1st edition Stony head with closed hands. The pictures on the left show the comparision between the US version (on the left) and the Canadian version (on the right) Stonys

The mold used was the same as the Articulated Sky Commando US Stony and they used the 2 part spring for his shoulders (plastic loops) and the attached perch spring for his hips with a reinforced plastic loop in the left hip.

The Stamp

Canadian Sky Commando had the standard US ejector pin stamp. "Louis Marx & Co., Inc. MCMLXV (1965) with the circle C ( © ) copyright symbol

Stony Stamp


Canadian Sky Commando came with the same accessories as his US counterpart. However, Canada made them in a darker color. The picture on the left shows the color comparison between the US and the Canadian. The US pieces are on the left.

Instruction Manual

The Canadian Sky Commando came with a bilingual Instruction Manual.