Buddy Charlie 2-Up

A '2-Up' is a model makers technique to get the details correct. They first make the figure in a scale twice as large as the finished piece is going to be. This allows them to work on the details and proportions easier. Once they have it the way they want it, the piece is resculpted in the finished scale, using this '2-Up' as a guide.

Here's the original ebay auction description from Poorboys:
" Marx All American Fighter Prototype LOOK
Great Vintage Collectibles! From Poorboys

Ok This is one you will never see again. Here is a Original Marx Action Figure Prototype. This is a 24 inch tall fully jointed, "Two Up" of what would become Marx's 12 inch Buddy Charlie/All American Fighter, and in a round about way Ideals Captain Action. This guy most likely was a design study for the Figure line and is made of a soft resin/wax compound, It has Not held up well over the years and the lower torso is completely crushed (though not photed I will send it along) and there is some breakage to the one leg and arm, and joint ends. This happened in a previous shipping accident.

There is a light fleck out of one ears and other light marks,flecks overall,he is a c6 figure. I am told this can be restored, but this is beyond my abilities. So rather than let it sit in a box, I'm putting it in the hands of someone who can better take care of such a rare item.

Ok some back story, earlier I said that this had ties it Cap Action as well as Charlie, well the artists that created the design for buddy Charlie for Marx would latter also do the same for Ideal's Captain Action Line. Ever wonder why Allot of caps Weapons look like Painted marx's Ones? {And the way the hands fit into the arms! - SS} Well that's why. So in a offbeat way (or Not) this guys could well be the grandfather of 2 Action figure lines from the 60's Even if he's not, where else could you find a prototype of a Joe clone from this era?

Truly a great Rare Item for that Collector who has everything. As with anything of this coolness there is a reserve. but its not set in stone and if the bidding gets close I will let the guy go. Thanks And Good Luck VISA and MASTER CARD Accepted, Thanks And Good Luck "

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The Sculpts

Full Figure

Hand and tag from factory

Head Sculpt