James West

Well, Ladies and Gents. It's true - James West did live (at least for a while) in the Marx Toy universe.

Here's the original ebay auction description from Springday.com:
" I believe that is is now generally known and accepted that the Marx Sam Cobra Renegade Bad Man Action Figure was originally intended to be James West from the Wild Wild West Television Series of the 1960s. Well, if there are any doubters left, they can now put it to rest. What we have here is the original Marx Hand Made Prototype for James West! This lot actually consists of 15 different prototype pieces, production parts, and the original Marx storage bin box!

If you have ever looked at the way Sam Cobra was put together, watched how his joints moved, and noticed that he was different from the rest of the Johnny West series, there is a reason for that. He was designed and prototype assembled differently! Most of the other Best of the West, and Johnny West Adventure Action figures were modeled down. In other words, the prototypes were made from a solid block of hard modeling material, then machined, carved, or whittled down, like a sculpture would tackle a block of granite. James West however, was modeled up! He was made with artists clay and built up on a plastic frame! This prototype is made of CLAY!

The overall condition of this PROTOTYPE are excellent but I must point out a few things. The head is a normal production head. The prototype head has been lost with time, along with Jim's lower right leg. The hands are also normal production hands. These were borrowed from the other Johnny West figures. However, because this is a clay model, there are no recesses in the arms for hand placement. These hands have metal pins in them and the hands are simply pressed into the prototype arms for display. As already mentioned the lower left leg is missing, and has been for a long time. It is noted on the mid 1960s storage box that this part is not in the box.

The rumors you may have heard about the boot heels coming off to hide Jim's derringer are TRUE! He was originally intended to have removable heels to hide the little two piece gun within. There are small cracks at the top of the body shoulders and two small press marks on his lower lapels, remember this is 35 year old clay! This guy assembles and displays beautifully!

This is a one of a kind, hand made prototype from the Marx Toy Company Engineering Department. It is a highly detailed master. The photos do not do it justice. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a significant piece of 20th Century Pop Culture. If you are looking for that STUNNER of a Christmas gift, then you have found it! Imagine the look on your avid Marx Toy or Action Figure collector's face when they lay their eyes on a one of a kind, legendary Marx PROTOTYPE! "

If anyone knows more about the story of James West, please let me know. Thanks!

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The Mold-Masters and Sculpts

Perfect sized slot to hold that Sam Cobra key that never really fit anywhere with Sam...

PL-1348 James West Model
No Right Leg, heels or kn**