Jane West

Stock No. Unknown

Betty West
La Vaguer Movible
[The Movible Cowgirl
Jane West

Part of the Lo Mejor Del Oeste [The Best (Thing) of the West] series. This is the first and only real 'series' of figures Plastimarx produced. They did not produce a Fort Apache Fighters or Johnny West Adventures series.

The Plastimarx version of the Best of the West series boxes are well made with vivid individual graphics. Here you see the side and bottom of the Betty box.

Again, Plastimarx used a photo of the US Jane on their box.

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Betty West came in two colors

Both versions have bright yellow hair and a light blue headband.

The Blue body Betty came with Cream soft accessories and the Red body Betty came with blue soft accessories

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Betty's Accessories soft are the same as the US ones molded in a blue or cream color.
Her hard accessories are actually the standard Cowboy set as issued with Johnny West, molded in Black.

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Here is Betty's Equipment Manual - Another extremely hard piece to find!

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