Stock No. 5361

Gran Aliado
Con Cabeza Movible
[Great Ally (Bravo)]

Part of the Los Nobles Caballeros Del Rey [The Noble Horsemen Of The King] series.

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The Plastimarx version of the Noble Knight series boxes are well made with vivid individual graphics. Here you see the back, top and side of the Great Ally box.

The back of the Plastimarx horse boxes show the accessories and act as the equipment manual for the armor.

Pictured on the box is a US sorrel (red) Bravo from the Noble Knights series. This would place the time frame of 1968 for this horse.

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Plastimarx's version of Bravo came in a Dark Brown bay color with bright white mane and tail hair with bright white socks. It does not appear to have the hoof wheels

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Waiting on Picture

The armor/tack set is the same as the US knight horses. The armor was made in a golden color - similar to one of the US shades.