Sam Cobra

Stock No. 2072

Billy Villano
El Hombre Malo Movible
[Villian Billy - The Movable Bad Man
Sam Cobra

Part of the Lo Mejor Del Oeste [The Best (Thing) of the West] series. This is the first and only real 'series' of figures Plastimarx produced. They did not produce a Fort Apache Fighters or Johnny West Adventures series.

The Plastimarx version of the Best of the West series boxes are well made with vivid individual graphics. Here you see the top and side of the Sam Cobra box.

Pictured on the box is a US Sam Cobra from the Best of the West series. This would place the time frame of 1974 for this figure.

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Plastimarx's version of Sam Cobra is very close to his American cousin. Plastimarx used shiney silver rivets and often the heads are different shades of pink/tan

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Billy's accessories are just like the US ones. No key is in this picture - attesting to the fact that Mexican kids lost them just like we did!

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Here is Billy's Equipment Manual - Another extremely hard piece to find!

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