Sargento Stony - Comando

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Sargento Stony
[Commando Sargeant Stony]

Lots of variations here. Stony was obviously a very popular figure in Mexico. You will see him in green, blue, beige (sand), and white.

This list may change as I get more information from Luis, until then, enjoy!

All the Mexican Stony's use a Johnny West head just like the US versions. Plastimarx often used a different type of soft plastic for the head and hands that actually looked very pink and was much softer / pliable then the other type. This variation has his hair painted an olive green, but you will also see browns and black.

This early dark green Stony was made in two different molds, one where the heels are close together and another version where the legs are more spread apart.

Here you can see the more open stanced Stony. This figure stands more easily and I suspect that is why the mold was modified. The US stiff - legged Stony uses the more closed stance.

I further suspect that since the US abandoned the stiff-leg version, they did not adopt this Mexican modification. Plastimarx only produced the stiff-legged version throughout their production run.

Stony's Accessories are the same as the US ones but come in a wide variety of colors. The US light OD green is unique. Plastimarx used
  • Dark green
  • Black
  • Silver
  • White
  • Brown

Here you see the Green and Silver set that I believe came with the Comando 1st issue figure