Daniel Boone - Explorador Solitario [Solitary Explorer]

Stock No. 2066

The Mexican Daniel Boone uses a Mike Hazard head instead of the Fess Parker look alike used in the states. Plastimarx, like Marx, liked to reuse as many parts as possible for these figures. The Hazard head shows up in other figures as well. For Daniel, his hair is painted a dark brown.

The Plastimarx body version is molded just as his American cousin. However, as you will see throughout this section, the Mexican plastic has a tendecy to discolor over time.

The most noticable evidence of that in Daniel is that his arms will become a different color than the more solid body.

Daniel's Accessories are nearly indistiquishable from the US ones. The soft poly-vinyl ones are a slightly darker brown.

Here is Daniel's Equipment Manual - Another extremely hard piece to find!

It's interesting that according to Babel Fish , the title words on the manual "Explorador de los Yermos" translate to: 'Explorer of the Deserts'. Since when was Daniel in the desert? The translation should probably be 'Explorer of the Wilderness'.