Mike Hazard - Agente Secreto Internacional

Stock No. 2032

Agente Secreto Internacional [The International Secret Agent ]
Mike Hazard

The Plastimarx version of the Spy box is very good. The line art is reminiscent of the UK version of the Mike Hazard box. Here you see the top and side of the box.

Plastimarx's version of Mike Hazard came in two versions. This First version was the US dark teal blue with brown hair. Plastimarx used shiney silver rivets and the open hands.

This second version was grey with black hair. Plastimarx used shiney silver rivets and the closed hands. That's my only clue that this body was the second version.

You may also find a green version of this figure. That is officially not a color variation of the Spy, but instead, is Plastimarx's version of the bendable leg Stony and came packaged with a military jeep. See Military Jeep Stony for more information.

The accessories were released in 3 color variations. All the hard accessories were black but the soft were released in black, brown and caramel. Also, it seems that the coats came in two different shades, one is darker and larger.