Pit Pionero - El Explorador Movible

Stock No. 2057-C

Pit Pionero
El Explorador Movible
[Pioneering Pit
The Movible Explorer

Part of the Lo Mejor Del Oeste [The Best (Thing) of the West] series. This is the first and only real 'series' of figures Plastimarx produced. They did not produce a Fort Apache Fighters or Johnny West Adventures series.

The Plastimarx version of the Best of the West series boxes are well made with vivid individual graphics. Here you see the front, top and side of the Pit box.

Plastimarx made their version of Jeb Gibson in an aqua color with the Custer body mold. It is easily distinquishable from the US steel blue, Maddox body. Unfortunately it is very difficult to find a Pit without cracks in the plastic. It seems that the plastic shrinks over time and will split around joints or where it is thick, like the torso.

This example from Luis's collection is one of the best you will ever see.

Did you notice that the Pit pictured on the box is actually a photo of the US version?


Pit's Accessories are the same as the US ones but the hard 'weapons' are molded in black instead of the distinctive gold US ones.

Additionally, the box photo shows other color variations in the soft accessories, like the cream colored coonskin cap. I believe that just like their US cousins, the Plastimarx workers used a mix of colors when producing the accessories. You can probably find complete sets in either brown or cream if you're lucky enough....

Note: I've never seen a cream colored frontiersman hat - have you?

What else is wrong with the accessories on the box? - A winchester did not come with this set...

Here is Pit's Equipment Manual - Another extremely hard piece to find!