Johnny West

Stock No. Unknown

Johnny West

I'm looking for better pictures and information on the original Johnny produced by Plastimarx.

1st Version
The original Plastimarx Johnny is red. I've seen a few but am still trying to get a decent photo, these photos make him look like he was molded in hot pink ;-(. The true color is a much more muted red.

2nd Version
Here are a couple of pictures of the medium blue Plastimarx Johnny. He was made for the Jeep set.

This version of Johnny came with mustard colored hair and sometimes brown painted boots.

3rd Version
Reproduced in 1996-1997, Johnny was packaged in a small window box

He was made of grey plastic and his accessories were molded in a hard plastic. Made the chaps almost impossible to actually put on.

4th Version
The 2000-2001 version of the Mexican Johnny is packaged in a large window box. This time his body is a mustard/tan color but the accessories are still made of the hard plastic.