Odin - El Valeroso Vikingo

Stock No. Unknown

El Valeroso Vikingo
[The Valiant Viking]

Odin by Plastimarx started out being an orange haired, blue eyed, brown bodied viking (despite what was pictured on the box). His accessories were the same as his American cousin.

Pictured on the box is a US Odin from the original series. This would place the time frame of 1968 for this figure.

Lower on this page you'll see the 'modern' remakes of this figure.

The Plastimarx version of the viking series boxes are well made with vivid individual graphics. Here you see the top and side of the Odin box.

Here's a picture of his hard silver accessories. These may have also been issued in black as Erik has. The soft accessories for odin were cream colored.

Here is Odin's Equipment Manual - Nice golden yellow paper. Another extremely hard piece to find!

Reproduced in 1996-1997, Odin doffed his brown suit for a classic black. His accessories of cream and silver were molded out of a hard plastic. Gone were the days when you could actually put the clothes on him.

Remake 2
The modern remakes of this figure kept him in black but gave him a sam cobra head with orange or yellow hair. The accessories are still made of the hard plastic.