Sir Stuart - The Silver Knight

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Sir Stuart
El Caballaro De Plata
[The Silver Knight]

Part of the Los Nobles Caballeros Del Rey [The Noble Horsemen Of The King] series.

I believe this figure was produced around 1971 as it appears in Mexican comic book ads from that year.

Lower on this page you'll see the 'modern' remakes of this figure.

The Plastimarx version of the knight boxes are well made with vivid individual graphics. Here you see the front, top and side of the Sir Stuart box.


The figure is unique in the Marx world. It is a Knight body made from a great metallic silver colored plastic with a Sam Cobra head.

The armor was the standard set made of a silver color.

The instruction sheet was printed on a golden yellow paper.

The pennant is unique to the Silver Knight and the feather plume was green.

Reproduced in 1996-1997, The silver knight was packaged in a large window box similar to the US remakes. These figures were really a mix of heads on a black knight body. This package shows them using the Odin head.

The pennant was changed to the standard pennant in blue.