Sargento Stony

Stock No. 1804

Sargento Stony
[Sargeant Stony]

The second issue Stony's came entitled simply Sargento Stony. The figure was the standard Plastimarx dark green with brown hair. Here you see a mint in box figure with green and black accessories.

The box is a nice window type box that displays very well.

Here you see the top and sides of a great collectible

Sticker Sheet
The Stonys also came with a nice set of decals depicting Mexican military units and ranks.

If you know what units these are, I'd really like to list them here. Please send me an email -

From Luis: "Also, there is another 'Stoney' figure, it´s a green Mike Hazard! (funny but true!...Plastimarx sold it as Stony for the military jeep set because they did not make a Stony with bendable legs)"

Stony's Accessories are the same as the US ones but come in a wide variety of colors. The US light OD green is unique. Plastimarx used
  • Dark green
  • Black
  • Silver
  • White
  • Brown