Sargento Stony - Tan

Stock No. Unknown

Sargento Stony

The Beige / Tan Stoneys came next. (5th in sequence?)

Not sure yet what box they came in. More later, I'm sure! Stay tuned

I'm calling this color beige or sand. This picture makes the color look a lot like the tropical green the germans used during WWII in the Afrika Korps. I know of no variations to these tan figures.

Here you see another head variation and a 'truer' example of the actual body color. Not sure if the Desert Stony was ever actually issued with the bearded head or if this is just an example of a head swap. My educated guess is that this is original. I think Plastimarx used the bearded and African American head on all versions of Stony.

These figures also came with factory painted or unpainted boots and maybe belts.

As I mentioned before, the Stony accessories came in many colors.

Here you see some pieces of the White, Blue, Black and Brown

'Desert' Stony usually came with Brown accessories.