Kingdom of Spain

Kingdom of Spain Johnny West Action Figures

The Spanish produced figures are something I discovered in 2004 when I saw, and bought, a Cowboy Black from a Canadian collector. As is turns out, this collector 'Sylvain P.' has most of the Spanish figures and has provided most of the information on this section. Thanks for sharing buddy!

If you have any information or pictures that I'm missing please let me know- this is a real community effort!

General Info

Spanish Coat of Arms Suay Sport was the manufacturing company for this series of figures. Likely produced in the early 1970's they show 'remarkable' likenesses to the UK 'Sunburst' series of figures. Suay Sport only produced these 4 figures and 2 horses but as you can see they also made the tepee and canoe just like the UK series.

The initial series of figures came in copies of the UK Sunburst box with Spanish language and the 'Suay Sport' company logo. The second series boxes are quite unique. Constructed of thin cardboard in a one piece, top opening style, they have a cellophane window on the front showing the figure and accessories inside. The best part of the box is the fantastic artwork of the figure on the back.