I've really changed the way I display the horse information. For the longest time I wrestled with how to catagorize the many different horses. Well, I've settled on this approach. The basic catagory is the Mold Type. How was the horse made, not what it was called.

The problem with names is that many times a particular horse, say a Sorrel colored horse with wheels, was sometimes called Thunderbolt in the Covered Wagon sets, or Bravo the Gold Knights Horse, or sometimes just 'Horse'. But he was always made from the same mold - The Standing with Wheels mold.

So, look through the list, choose a horse and see it's information, value and issue boxes.

New Section: The tack sets of each horse - Take a look!

A very special thanks to Dave Johnson for pictures of horses in his fabulous collection!




Nodding Head

Nodding Head - Wheeled

Rearing Mustang
Used For:


Standing - Wheeled

Welsh Pony