Stock No. (255 in Spain)

Only one Canoe was made for Marx.

They were sold in the United Kingdom in the 'Sunburst' Box and by Suaysport in Spain. No re-casts have been made, yet.

UK Canoe
Made from a tan brown styrene plastic, The Canoe is unpainted

Canoes are worth about $45 loose and $100 with box.

They are about 23 inches long and come with two red paddles and a decal sheet for putting 'indian style' markings on.


Spainish Canoe (Canoa)
The Spanish version is just like the UK version. It may have a slightly different sticker sheet but I've yet to confirm that

I have never seen the box design but is likely to resemble the UK Sunburst design. The company that produced for Spain is SuaySport, SA.