Several styles of these footlockers were made by the American Metal Box Co. of Newark, N.J. under license by Louis Marx & Co. Inc. These were likely made from 1966-1968 or so.

They were sold in the US, likely through catalogs. They measure 15 inches wide, 7 inches deep and 4 1/2 inches tall. They are made with thin metal sides reinforced by brass colored edging, flip locks and hinges. The handles are plastic straps rivetted to the sides. Inside they have cardboard (similar to artist board) stapled to form a liner. I have one Stony footlocker that has a plastic tray insert but I believe the majority of these did not have inserts. Just a nice sturdy box to store your Johnny and his accessories in....!

Johnny West

I know of three different colors / styles for the footlockers branded Johnny West.

The first is painted with a reddish brown color

Johnny Footlockers usually sell for between $30-50


Johnny West Cont,

Another Johnny Footlocker was made with a wood grain pattern painted on the box.

And the last that I know of was painted in a solid lighter brown color


Chief Cherokee

Chief's footlocker only came in a deep red color.

Chief Cherokee Footlockers usually sell for between $70-100

Mike Hazard

Mike's footlocker only came in Black

Currently valued at $110.00


Stony Smith / Buddy Charlie

The GI Type footlocker came in 2 different colors. A dark green and a lighter, more OD green. These did not specifically say the figures name, nor that they were licensed by Marx Toys. I believe they were marketing these to all of the kids playing with Marx, GI Joe or some other knock-offs.

These Footlockers usually sell for between $30-50

Stony Smith / Buddy Charlie Cont.

This foot locker is made out of cardboard and was sold with a set of Stony / Buddy Charlie accessories from the catalog. Here's a link to the Montgomery Ward (1966) catalog I'm not positive who made this set but since it contains Marx accessories I'm betting Marx had a hand in it.

These usually sell for between $20-60