Here are the entries and results for the 2011 Annual BOTB Customizing Contest! We had record voter attendance turnout this year.

Category: Best Figure at Show

First Place
Patton by Dave & Donna Roth!


Inspired by a Fantastic Movie & a Great Man! Painted Mike Hazard head, Special Painted Hands, Painted Maddox Legs, Cxr Torso & Arms, Added Stars & Patches, Specially Painted Stony Helmet, Kitbash customized Uniform from Newer Ike & Japanese Soldier, Custom Painted Marx mint Pistols, A special Riding Crop, Calvary Binos, Customized Dbl Holster Gunbelt w/Frog. Placed in a display with a Huge Flag behind & Wooden Stage Floor. All Combined to Create a Great Piece & Heroric American Icon.

Dave and Donna will receive a Stewart's Attic Strong Box for their efforts.

Second Place
Campfire Johnny by James Wolfe!

"Campfire Johnny"

Base is from the Aurora Prehistoric Scenes Cave Bear.

Body is a modified Canadian green Johnny, vintage head and plastic Buddy Charlie hands of a later issue I believe >

James Wolfe will receive a Prize donated by Lee Bowling and Family for his efforts.

Third Place
Rorke's Drift by Scott Stewart!

"Rorke's Drift"

Rorke's Drift, known as kwaJim ("Jim's Land") in the Zulu language, was a mission station and the former trading post of James Rorke, an Irish trader. It was located near a drift, or ford, on the Buffalo (Mzinyathi) River, between the British colony of Natal and the Zulu kingdom..

A soldier of B Company, 2nd Battalion, 24th (2nd Warwickshire) Regiment of Foot (2nd/24th) stands ready to start the battle!

Scott will receive a Contest Trophy for his efforts.

Fourth Place
Mrs. Applegate by Amy Jones!

"Mrs. Applegate"

Mrs. Applegate is a regular Jane that I customized the head by cutting off all her hair then doing a new hairdo. fitting her new old age. I gave her wrinkles, thin lips, freckles and age spots. I also gave her a double chin to go with those added pounds she now carries. Her clothing I made in a style befitting her age.

Fifth Place
Honest Abe by Tom Heaton!

"Honest Abe"

I was inspired to do Abe Lincoln for several reasons. Louis Marx always had a soft spot for promoting presidents. From Dwight D. Eisenhower, through the 60MM presidential statues, Marx Toys has delivered on these iconic historical characters. I've also seen countless Geico ads quote, "was Abe Honest" and sporting that vintage look. As a result, I focused on the black and white scene to keep it vintage, with Victorian writing on it.

I also thought this figure would position well with the Fort Apache Fighter Series and Civil War theme we have all grown to love with Marx Action figures
Category: Best Figure Set at Show

First Place
Hatari by Dave & Donna Roth!


Several Years in the Making. We started out to just make the John Wayne Fiqure, "Sean Mercer", but... Enter a semi destroyed Marx jeep with a Huge amount of customizing. Then every fiqure from the movie wanted to get on board (Pockets,The Indian,The Bullfighter,The Frenchman aka Chips,Dallas,& Kurt). Built with figures from CXR ,Vintage Marx & Marx Mint, vintage & 2 Custom Heads, kit bashed outfits & items, scale animals, vintage Marx & Stewart hats & lariat, coral pieces, safari camera, cool scenery, pics from the I-net & graphics help from Scott Stewart. Here you are: a Great Movie & a Cool 1/6 Scale Playset with a Vinyl Mat!

Dave & Donna will receive a Custom prize donated by the Lee family for their efforts.

Second Place
Steampunk Johnny by Scott Stewart!

"Steampunk Johnny"

Steampunk was influenced by, and often adopts the style of, the 19th century scientific romances of Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Mark Twain, and Mary Shelley.

The industrial age is in full swing in 1859 and Johnny is working night and day to finish his Steampunk Wagon! An analog computer drives the first generation GPS and steam drives the wagon. Johnny has plenty of tools to help him complete his work before the hostiles attack and he has to resort to his model SP1 Winchester!

Scott will receive a JW Enclyclopedia Module from The Vintage Toy Room for his efforts.

Third Place
Three Generations by Amy Jones!

"Three Generations"

Three Generations:, Jena (Mrs. Applegate's daughter), and Jasime (granddaughter).

Jena was a badly faded salmon colored Jane that I re-dyed into a beautiful rich chocolate brown. I gave her a hair cut then long chestnut hair. She too carries the family freckles. She is wearing a real leather vest and riding skirt. Jasmine is wearing her brothers clothing, refusing to wear a dress. Dresses are for little girls ;) She's got wild hair and freckles.

Amy will receive a Contest Trophy for her efforts.
Category: Best Virtual Figure

First Place Tie
Thane Campbell by Mark Keach!

"Thane Campbell"

Thane Hamish Campbell Reissue Viking Erik body with a custom Cobra head with apoxy sculpt hair, beard, etc. Reissue Viking belt & silver knight sword (claymore). Ignite shield. Kilt is from a couple of torn Indian blankets inversed with scored "tartan lines". Thane/Thaine/Thegn is a Scottish name for the chief of a clan. Later, also a title granted by the king meaning a landholder/baron.

Mark will receive a boxed CXR Figure for his efforts.

First Place Tie
Cap'n Jack Sparrow by Dave & Donna Roth!

"Cap'n Jack Sparrow"

Made For My Wife & Our Love of the Pirates of The Caribbean Movies. Starting With an amazing Custom Made Head By a fellow Rancher Mr Keach. Custom Paint on a Marx Mint Odin Body Combined with arms from a Marx Mint Eric. Combined with a Custom Sash Belt, Metal Sword & Kit Bash Flintlock, Custom Made Compass & Rum Bottle. Throw in a Few Chests full of Booty, a Shovel, a Keg O Rum & an Extra Sword just for Leverage. Enjoy!

Dave & Donna will receive a special book donated by the Lee family for their efforts.

Third Place
Duty, Service, Sacrifice by Scott Stewart!

"Duty, Service, Sacrifice"

This Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) bust I made in honor of the brave men and women of this prestigious organization. The basic torso is from Johnny West, which I reworked to close the collar and straighten the pockets. The brass is all hand casted including the collar and shoulder insignias. The Sam - Browne belt was made by Stevo Toys. The head is a sheriff Garrett recast that I painted with acryllics and used pastel chalks for toning.

For the background I used an image of the painting created by Silvia Pecota called "Duty, Service, Sacrifice"

Scott will receive a Contest Trophy for his efforts.

Fourth Place
Nightwing by Tyler Bowling!


The Caped Crusader's former sidekick has grown into his own and Robin has become Nightwing. Based on a blue knight body with additional rubber muscle castings and a CXR head sculpt!
Category: Best Virtual Figure Set

First Place
Dan & Mingo by Lee Bowling!

"Dan & Mingo"

Daniel Boone and his faithful friend, the Cherokee, Mingo. Both Dan & Mingo were created by combining several parts from several Marx bodies including Daniel Boone, Knight, Geronimo, Fighting Eagle, and Sam Cobra. Dan can now bend his legs and even has a knife sheath in his boot!

Lee will receive a boxed CXR Figure for his efforts.

Second Place
After the Gold Rush by Terry Schimmelpfennig!

"After the Gold Rush"

This project has been in the works on & off for years as I collected pieces & tossed around ideas for the right look/presentation, finally coming together only recently when I stopped "overthinking" & just did it. The mule (Boraxo) is a Marx Pancho Pony with apoxiesculpt ears/tail, painted with Testors Battleship Gray & Dullcote. The "49er" (Job Montana) is a Johnny West body with CXR head, hat by Scott Stewart & coat of unknown origin I found in a junk shop. The gear is an assortment of Johnny West, GI Joe & various other sources...whatever I could load on the mule that an old prospector might have had.

Terry will receive a custom wagon Topper by Dave & Donna Roth for his efforts.

Third Place
Happy Trails by Nance Feldman!

"Happy Trails"

Based on some of my all-time favorites. Featuring Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Trigger, Buttermilk and Bullet. The figures, horses and dog are vintage Marx with custom paint. The accessories are customized vintage and CXR gear. The saddles and bridles are vintage plastic,leather and other items. Cactus are made from painted cardboard. Happy Trails to You!

Nance will receive a Contest Trophy for her efforts.

Fourth Place
Stranger Tides by Mark Keach!

"Stranger Tides"

Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides Cap'n Jack Sparrow is a Custer head/body with custom apoxy sculpt hair/beard/etc. Cut off his feet to put on boots which makes him a little shorter (J Depp Size?). Accessories are from POTC/Ignite figures. Blackbeard is a Custer body/Stony Smith arms (to match coat)/CXR head (Dax Wheeler?) with custom apoxy sculpt hair/beard/etc. Accessories are from POTC/Ignite figures. Gloves from CXR. Coat is from a Doc Ock (Spiderman villain) figure. Effects -glints on swords, smoking flintlock & smoking beard wicks - photoshop.

Fifth Place
Raindrops keep falling on my head by Dave & Donna Roth!

"Rain Drops Keep Fallin On My Head"

Starting With a MarxMan Butch Cassidy Head By Noah Painted By Me (Whew) Custom Painting a Mike Hazard Body & add in a Great Hat From Scott Stewart. Next where to find a 1/6 Scale Period Bicycle. Find a Barbie Bike Strip it Of all the Frillies Fenders,Baskets,Brakes Etc add a Custom Paint Job & You have an Unforgetable Scene from "Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid" Butch Riding the Wave of the future!

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