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Here are the entries for the 4th Annual BOTB Customizing Contest! We had record voter attendance at the show this year. Now's your chance to vote for your favorite in each of the 4 categories.

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Here are the entries we have (artist names omitted on purpose). Click on the image to see the full sized entry.

Category: Best Figure at Show

"Indiana Jones"

Indy is based on a vintage Mexican Mike Hazard body with a CXR head and custom paint job and accessories. Indy has a scratch/custom made whip and satchel.

"Captain America"

Based on a reissue Blue Knight body and custom CXR head.

I molded and cast rubber muscles to add to the hero's physique. Custom shield was made from scratch using PVC pipe cap, paint, and leather straps. Cap's 'granite' base was assembled from wood and plastic parts and then painted

"Barack Hussein Obama"

"I am signing an imperfect omnibus bill because it's necessary for the ongoing functions of government," Obama declared. "But I also view this as a departure point for more far-reaching change." .

"The Caped Crusader - 1966"

Memories of rushing home to see BATMAN on the little Black & White T.V. inspired The Caped Crusader. A project more than a year in the making. Made possible by a great head adaptation by Noah and a Marx Mint Silver Knight body with special paint work.

Add in a modified pair of CXR gauntlets, a custom made cape & glove tops, finished off with a custom utility belt with buckle & chest emblem. He’s now ready to defend Gotham or anywhere villains may appear!

Category: Best Figure Set at Show

"Jonny Quest"

The whole 1960s Quest gang from the best adventure cartoon ever created.

Dr. Quest & Race use vintage Mike Hazard bodies with sculpted changes to a CXR head and a vintage Mike Hazard head. Jonny and Hadji combine parts from vintage Jamie, and Janice West bodies. Jonny has sculpted changes to a Jamie head and Hadji has sculpted changes to a Janice head. Bandit was sculpted from scratch. The mummy was assembled from a variety of other parts and a modified Geronimo head .

"Tonto, Scout and Butch Cavendish"

Based on the ultimate classic western The Lone Ranger, this set includes Tonto, Scout and the dastardly villain Butch Cavendish.

Tonto is based on a combination of Daniel Boone and Geronimo body with a Stewart's Attic head. Scout is based on a vintage Thunderbolt with custom paint job. Butch Cavendish is based on a vintage Mike Hazard body and customized Sam Cobra head.

"Small Town Shootout"

A Mike Hazard body with custom paint with adapted CXR 'Chuck' head.

CXR Town Folk body with modified CXR head.

"The Action Movie Collection"

The Action Movie Collection combines our love of great movies & Marx figures. Using combinations of CXR, Marx Mint, Vintage, Custom Heads & Bodies and Accesories. Kurt Russell as "Snake Plisken" In "Escape From New York", Kurt Russel as "Stephen Bull Mcaffrey" in "Backdraft", Yul Bryner as "The Gunslinger" in "WESTWORLD", Clint EastWood & Donald Sutherland as "Kelly & Oddball" in "Kelly's Heroes", Sean Connery as "Mason" in "The Rock", Wesley Snipes as "BLADE", Errol Flynn as "Robin Hood". Thanx to Scott Stewart for a Custom Graphic. All in a Custom Plexiglass & Metal Store like Display. Now That's Entertainment!

Sorry "Popcorn Not Included".


Based on the vintage Jaymar puzzle of the same name.

Johnny, Chief Cherokee and a troop of Cavalry led by Capt Maddox fight a desperate battle against unseen ambushers! Hand built scenery. Figures wearing vintage and CXR gear. Original Jaymar puzzle scanned, enlarged, edited and mounted as a background.

Category: Best Virtual Figure


Captain America's sidekick Bucky is based on vintage Jamie and Janice West parts with a custom sculpted head and paint job. The background is based on a John Byrne drawing of the classic Cap and Bucky adventures....

"Buffalo Bill"

Based on a CXR gray calvary body with some custom sculpting to a CXR head. Bill's jacket was made from scratch using died chamois. Bill's pistol has an extensive paint job to match a commemorative pistol for Buffalo Bill.

"Sir James - The Red"

This is Sir James. He is a modern knight who works the Renaissance festivals as a jousting knight. He believes he was born in the wrong time but really enjoys living it up to the locals and teaching them about the 15th century. Sir James started out as Sir Stuart but with some masking and a repaint on his armor he has become the Red Knight. I used metallic Cherry Red paint to give him that great shine!

"Big Sky Moose"

From a broken Buckskin - extended the legs & added more to the stomach area. Added in hump, more to nose bridge, lips, dewlap, whatever those things are on the ankles & of course the antlers. Also, cut the hooves into cloven hooves. Antlers' base were old plastic toothbrushes. Ears are from one of those Invisible Cow Models. Used Mighty Putty so I wouldn't use so much Apoxy Sculpt. Took about a week+. Notice the reference to Rocky & Bullwinkle?


Orin is the son of an ancient Atlantean wizard and the queen of Posseidonis, the capital city of the lost continent of Atlantis. The color of his hair was considered a curse so as an infant; he was abandoned on Mercy Reef. He was found and raised by a dolphin for a few years until a lighthouse keeper adopted him. He then received the name Arthur Curry, learned our language and went to school.

As he became a young man, he adopted the name Aquaman and joined the Justice league of America. A few years later, he returned to Atlantis, claimed the throne of Posseidonis and became the true king of the seven seas and all sea life. All hail King AQUAMAN!

This custom figure was created from a gold knight body. I added a head and gloves from CXR. I received help from my friend James for the fins on the back of the legs. Thanks James! The belt and letter A were made from JWA Geronimo accessories. I added some paint and Voilà! Aquaman, the sea king himself has come to life!


Based on blues legend Robert Johnson.

Body is a Marx Mike Hazard. Head and hands are Marxman. Hat from Scott Stewart. Carpet bag is Marx. Guitar was a junk shop find. Painted with Testors .

"Cable Hogue"

Cable Hogue is a lone drifter making his was through the Arizona desert. He has to defend himself against many threats in the desert. The inspiration is from the movie "The Ballad of Cable Hogue." His attire is of "found" articles customized to suit the character.

Category: Best Virtual Figure Set

"Johnny and Dream Weaver"

This is an Original Johnny West with CXR gear. I touched up his eye's. Dream Weaver was a nodder at one time. I completely re-sculpted his neck using Apoxie Sculpt and added saran hair for his mane and tail with a new paint job.

"This time I'll finish you off Mr. er...Bond?"

This entry was collaboration between myself and my ten yr old daughter Ariana. She actually had the idea to do some type of James Bond character based on a magazine cover in my game room. Knowing that we didn't have any head sculpts resembling any recognizable Bonds I decided to repaint (vinyl paint) an extra vintage Johnny West head and transplant it onto a vintage Sam Cobra body with a painted shirt. Bonds’ nemesis was done by Ariana and is a repainted Sam Cobra head on a repro Eric body. His "claw" appendage was borrowed from another figure. As in all Bond movies, he finally meets up with the bad guy and they duke it out. We decided to make it humorous and the frying pan was a great idea by Ariana. The project took about 3 hrs to complete and was a blast!

"A Knight in Camelot"

Kitbashed figures with Apoxy sculpt beards. A couple were done awhile ago. Newer figures took about a week to do - off & on. Photoshop for effects. Merlin - Odin viking with LOTR Black Rider clothes. King Arthur Pendragon - Johnny with Dragon chainmail head cowl. Necklace? not sure. And yes, that is a Barbie/Ken crown. Sir Lancelot du Lac - Marx Knight with Dragon? helmet. Sir Mordred - Erik viking with LOTR Black Rider weapons, Dragon chainmail head cowl / shirt / tunic & CXR gloves.

"Black Ops Stargate"

Black Ops Stargate SG-1 Meets Jaffa Teal'c & Movie Jack O'Neill

Inspired By our Love of the Stargate Movies & TV Series. We combined that with our love of Marx figures.

A few years in the making. Using CXR heads, bodies, vintage & Marx Mint bodies, Scott's watchcap, misc kitbash & custom accessories. The Stargate allows travelers to cross the universe thru Worm holes in a matter of moments & occassionaly alternate dimensions & time lines. In this scene, T.V. Black Op's SG-1 Teal'c, Samantha Carter & Daniel Jackson have teamed up with T.V. alternate reality Jaffa Teal'c & Jack O'Neill from the Original Movie. Defending the Earth, retrieving ancient artifacts & overall kicking the bad guys butts!

"Hopalong Cassidy and Topper"

Hopalong is a Marx Johnny West body and Mike Hazard head with light flocking. Marxman gunbelt, Scott Stewart hat and lariat. Painted with Testors enamel. Topper is a Marx horse with replacement Marxman tail. Saddle is Kid Kore. Bridle is Marx. Painted with Testors enamel.

"Prisoner 64389000"

Musketeers and The Man In The Iron Mask are repro Black Knights / vintage Marx Silver Knight w/ an assortment of Marxman heads Apoxie sculpted & painted with Folk Art acrylic paint. Capes and tabards are Foamies, (foam craft sheets) heat sculpted and painted w/ acrylic paint & fleur-de-lis cross is a sticker. Hats from Stewarts Attic w/ red plume feathers from Michaels. Guns & swords from Marxman also.

"Sheriff McKintrey's Office"

This scene was built to create a "home" for Justice McKintry and his cohorts. The scene was made using "found" materials suited to the time period depicted. I created it to have a background for the stop-motion short movies I create with these figures. It took about 3 days to complete.