Christmas Catalogs

Montgomery Ward - 1971, Page 355

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The text on the right is a transcription of the actual catalog ad wording. The ad number appears in parentheses in front of the Ad title, a (0) means the ad was not numbered on the page. The price after the ad is the catalog listed sale price.

Some of the ads have an author's note. Those are my personal comments about the ad and may change as I learn more.

(0) Action Footlocker
"This footlocker is for all Men of Action. It even looks like real army issue! Over a foot long, it's big enough to hold G.I. Joe plus 37 pieces of his equipment: rifles, helmets, tools, cooking utensils (all included). Footlocker is made of heavy fiberboard with stenciled area for name, rank, serial number. About 13 ½ x 6 ¼ x 4 ¾ in. Ship. Wt. 1 lb. 4 oz." - $2.89

(0) [Tent, Cot and Poncho]
"Name of the game is Survival! G.I. Joe is on a training mission to teach new Men of Action how to survive in the wilderness. On their primitive survival camping trip, they are permitted to take only the bare essentials; tent, cot, back pack, and poncho to shield them from inclement weather. Their only means of survival is by keen common sense and life size field manual (all but figs. incl.). Ship. wt. 1 lb 10 oz." - $2.79

     Author's Comments: Not a GI Joe set so I believe it is the Stony on Manuevers accessory set