Christmas Catalogs

Sears - Canada - 1973, Page 180

The image on the left is the actual catalog page, Click on it to get a larger view...

The text on the right is a transcription of the actual catalog ad wording. The ad number appears in parentheses in front of the Ad title, a (0) means the ad was not numbered on the page. The price after the ad is the catalog listed sale price.

Some of the ads have an author's note. Those are my personal comments about the ad and may change as I learn more.

(1) Covered Wagon and Horse
"Molded plastic wagon with weathered-wood
finish. Bright Red wheels and Tan vinyl
cover. Horse fully outfitted with harness
and there's a whip to urge him on. Abt. 34
x 9 x 17" high. Figures illustrated not included.
79 27 38110 DL - Each" - $9.99

(2) Circle 'X' Ranch
"Die-cut pieces of
heavy cardboard. Easy to assemble
with tab-and-slot construction. Bunk-
house abt. 30" deep; has pantry, cup-
boards, bunks, stove, chairs, benches,
table, gun rack. Exterior has porch roof,
horse trough, corral, stable, and more.
Figures not inclu.
79 27 38111 - 60" long. Each" - $9.99

     Author's Comments: The picture appears to show the Maroon Jane, Dark green Johnny and a Tan Sam Cobra...But the rest of the add has different figures.

(3) Comanche
"Fully jointed for many
action poses. Blanket, saddle, rifle
scabbard, stirrups, saddlebag. Abt. 11"
high for 11" riders. Plastic.
49 27 380114 - Each" - $3.99

(4) Buckskin
"movable head and neck
which nods, bows, or moves from
side to side. Complete with hand-paint-
ed detailing. bridle reins, saddle equip-
ment. Abt 15 x 13" high.
49 27 38106 - Plastic. Each " - $4.49

(5) Sheriff Tom Goode
"fully jointed. With guns, handcuffs. Plastic.
49 27 38113 - Abt. 11" high. Each." - $3.99

     Author's Comments: Appears to have the light grey accessories instead of the actual silver

(6) Geronimo
"fully jointed. Includes brightly colored ceremonial dress,
battle equipment. Over 30 pc. Plastic.
49 27 38103 - Abt. 11" high. Each." - $3.99

(7) Johnny West
"fully jointed, with brightly colored Western costumes,
weapons, range utensils. Plastic.
49 27 38065 - Abt. 11" high. Each." - $3.99

(8) Jane West
"fully jointed, brightly colored costume changes, weapons,
range gear. Plastic. About 11" high.
49 27 38120 - Each." - $3.99

(9) Jim West
"fully jointed, with detailed
add-on clothing, weapons and range
utensils. About 11" high.
49 27 38107 - Plastic. Each." - $3.99

(10) Sam Cobra
"fully jointed. Black
beard, add-on clothing, weapons,
accessories. Plastic. About 11" high.
49 27 38108 - Each." - $3.99

     Author's Comments: Odd how they used an Odin headed figure here, but have the correct one pictured with the Circle X Ranch picture.