Christmas Catalogs

Penneys - 1971, Page 374

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The text on the right is a transcription of the actual catalog ad wording. The ad number appears in parentheses in front of the Ad title, a (0) means the ad was not numbered on the page. The price after the ad is the catalog listed sale price.

Some of the ads have an author's note. Those are my personal comments about the ad and may change as I learn more.

"11 ½ in. tall figure is jointed in 11 places for lifelike movement and comes with 20 pieces of weaponry and apparel. 13 in. high horse comes complete with saddle and bridle. All items made of durable plastic. Mailing weight 3.40 lbs.
(1) Erik
(2) Odin " - $6.66

"11 ½ in. high gold-tone and silver color plastic figures jointed for movement and mounted on 14-in. high horse. Each knight comes with over 40 accessory pieces. Each horse has 17-pc. Armour and accessory outfit for a toal of 59 pcs. 3.40 lbs.
(3) Silver
(4) Gold " - $6.66