Christmas Catalogs

Eaton Toys - 1969, Page 46

The image on the left is the actual catalog page, Click on it to get a larger view...

The text on the right is a transcription of the actual catalog ad wording. The ad number appears in parentheses in front of the Ad title, a (0) means the ad was not numbered on the page. The price after the ad is the catalog listed sale price.

Some of the ads have an author's note. Those are my personal comments about the ad and may change as I learn more.

(1) Jane West
"Realistically jointed. Completely equipped for frontier life. 27 pieces in all. 27-R 3232 - 11 1/2 ins. tall." - $3.69

     Author's Comments: Brown and cream accessories shown on B/W page.

(2) Flame
"Jane's horse. Includes scabbard, bridle, saddle, etc. 27-R3234 12 ins tall" - $2.89

     Author's Comments: White mane, black painted hooves

(3) Janice West
"Realistically jointed. Comes with hats, vest, skirt, belt, etc. 27_R 3269 9 ins tall." - $2.49

(4) Pancho
"A pony for Janice and Jamie. Tackle includes bridle, reins, saddle, stirrups, etc. 27-R 3271 9 ins. tall." - $2.49

(5) Jamie West
"Figure has realistically working joints. With hats, chaps, gun, vest, etc. 27-R 3270 9 ins. tall." - $2.49

(6) Thunderbolt
"The Palomino. Comes with complete tackle. 27-R 3230" - $2.98

     Author's Comments: Tackle? Is he going fishing?

(7) Fighting Eagle
"Realistically jointed. Indian gear and dress include 36 colourful items" - $3.69

     Author's Comments: Wonder what box this figure came in.... First 'proof' of FE in Canada?

(8) Comanche
"Cavalry horse with joints that really work. With saddle, stirrups, bridle, etc. 27-R 3268 12 ins. tall." - $3.69

(9) Johnny West
"himself. Figure is realistically jointed. With rifle, pistol, etc. 21 pieces. 27-R 3228 11 1/2 ins tall." - $3.69

     Author's Comments: Picture shows no clevis pins in shoulders.

(10) Circle X ranch
"Die-cut pieces of solid fibreboard. Bunk house 30 ins. deep. Interior has bunks, stove, gun rack, etc. 27-R 3237 64 ins. long" - $9.98