Store Displays

Manufactured Store Displays were not a Marx invention but it can be said that they really did them right! Designed to be set up in stores (usually around Christmas time) these displays were magnets for kids of all ages. They drew the potential customer to the aisle and showed the kids how the figures looked completely decked out in their gear. Remember, this was the age before window boxes.

There are a wide variety of displays being discovered all the time. New (old) ones seem to spring up. Thanks to ebay, the prices run from $400-1200 each.

Thanks to friends like Dave R. and Tom H. I've really gotten into these lately. I don't have them all, in fact, I only have one vintage display (see the Display Saga) but thanks to these and other collectors willing to share, I've put this section together - more to come!

Let me know if you have more examples, Thanks!

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Marx Displays

Custom made Displays