Store Displays

Just a couple to look at for now. Click on the image to get a larger view...

These appear on ebay from time to time and command an excellent price. Sometimes the figures appear separately. You can tell it is a display figure from the drilled hole in the foot and the stapled on accessories.

Let me know if you have more examples, Thanks!

Purple Best of the West

Images used by permissioin from Dave J.
Here we have one of the most rare store displays made.

I'm guessing that this display was made for only one chain of stores and that it was somewhere around the 1967/8 timeframe.

It is labeled as Best of the West and shows most of the figures of the '68 era, but it uses the old style title graphics.

More details coming soon! Thanks Dave!
Best of The West TV Large Display

This display contains 8 Figures and 4 Horses.

Jay, Josie, Princess Wildflower, Sheriff Garrett, Fighting Eagle and Chief Cherokee are not on this display.

It's likely that this was the first issue Store Display type for the Best of the West series. It is aimed at tieing in the TV ads and the product at the store.

A smaller version of this display also exists.
Best of The West Large Display

This display contains 12 Figures and 5 Horses. Jamie and Janice are not on this display.

The second picture shows the back of the display

Best of The West Small Display

Picture used by permission of owner and I will be upgrading the quality of the image soon.

This four figure display shows Geronimo, Johnny, Thunderbolt and Gen Custer. Made at the same time as the larger 17 piece display, it likely was for smaller stores.
Knight Weapons Set

I believe that these are seperate 'cards' that originally were attached to the Store Display for that figure(s). I have a couple for the Indian gear and Jane West gear that I'll be adding soon.
Johnny West Adventure Large Display

Prior to the Quick-Draw figures
12 Figures and 5 Horses. Jamie and Josie are not on this display. It is possible that Jamie and Josie are on displays of this type as the titles for these figures just say "Johnny West Boys" and "Johnny West Girls" which might indicate that substitutions are possible.
Johnny West Adventure Small Display

This display contains 4 Figures and 2 Horses.
It came out after the Quick-Draw figures were released. Although titled Quick-Draw, Johnny and Sam are not the QD versions. What's interesting about this display (and I've seen about 30 of these) is that Jane always has blue rivet paint and Johnny is molded in the QD blue color with white rivets.

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